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Box plugin

Plugin's page: http://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:boxes

Boxes examples pages: http://wiki.jalakai.co.uk/dokuwiki/doku.php/test/boxes

the box contents

a title

the box contents

Boxed & titled

this isn't also boxed

using hex colours

lorem ipsum dolor …

using rgb colours

lorem ipsum dolor …
this is also boxed

boxed & captioned

as is this

title with formatting, a link and rounded corners :-)

boxes can also contain markup…
  • a list
  • of several
  • items
<div class='box'>
  <b class='xtop'><b class='xb1'></b><b class='xb2'></b><b class='xb3'></b><b class='xb4'></b></b>
  <div class='xbox'>
    <p class='box_title'>Title text would go here</p>
    <div class='box_content'>
      <p>Including this html snippet of a box</p>
      <p>All those &lt;b&gt; tags handle the rounded corners</p>
  <b class='xbottom'><b class='xb4'></b><b class='xb3'></b><b class='xb2'></b><b class='xb1'></b></b>

=== headings aren't allowed in boxes ===

but tables are

and plugins … ; definition : list : list : list

and a link

and even headings can be faked by including another page inside the box (requires the include plugin) …



Wow, a lot of stuff

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