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Text plugin


This plugin allows you to export a page to a plain text format usable as a simplistic document or to be used in further processing.

The text renderer plugin was originally designed for use with the searchtext plugin, to provide both a basis for searching rendered text, and providing a rendered text snippet for displayed search result.

Add a Button

To add a button to your template to access this plugin's output, try adding the following in your template at the point you would like the button to appear.

<?php echo html_button('text',$ID,'t',array('do' => 'export_text'),'get','export this page as text'); ?>


  • 'text' will appear in the button, change as appropriate.
  • 'export this page as text' will appear as a tooltip when you hover over the button. change as appropriate.

If you are not using a dev version or are on the latest stable use this code instead:

<?php echo html_btn('text',$ID,'t',array('do' => 'export_text'),'get','export this page as text'); ?>


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