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Scalable Vector Graphics

XML Graphics for the Web

SVG is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics and graphical applications in XML. SVG 1.1 is a W3C Recommendation and is the most recent version of the full specification. SVG Tiny 1.2 is a W3C Recommendation, and targets mobile devices. There are various SVG modules under development which will extend previous versions of the specification, and which will serve as the core of future SVG developments.

The SVG Working Group is currently working in parallel on a set of modules, for extending prior specifications, and a new specification, SVG 2.0, which will combine those modules with the rest of the SVG framework to work across the full range of devices and platforms.

Older specifications include SVG 1.0 and the SVG Mobile Profiles: SVG Basic and SVG Tiny which were targeted to resource-limited devices and are part of the 3GPP platform for third generation mobile phones.

SVG Print is a set of guidelines to produce final-form documents in XML suitable for archiving and printing.

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