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HP Labs seeking an agile Java contract web programmer to Do Amazing in (palo alto)

If the following description sounds like you then we should talk.

You are one of the best programmers you know and have several years demonstrable experience in Java on a cloud-deployed web stack. Although Java is your prime language you are also a skilled JavaScript programmer and understand the fundamentals of web technologies, from the database to the browser UI. You may even be able to hack some C++ code in a pinch. You know the standard web stack inside-out, but also can show us engagement with Internet-scale technologies such as map-reduce computation frameworks and noSQL distributed data stores. You can architect and build a scalable deployment on an elastic cloud infrastructure such as AWS.

You love learning new tools, frameworks, and programming languages, but are also able to critically evaluate when it makes sense to use them. You have heard of Riak, Scala, Play, and JQuery and maybe even dabbled with them. You know what “big O” means.

You can work in an agile environment of two-weekly sprints, working with your team and the customer representative to hone the user stories, and plan the work. You can create clean elegant designs and explain them clearly to your team with appropriate diagrams. You have realized that unit tests are not a chore, but a productive tool to drive your coding. You have internalized the practices of DRY, refactoring, and continuous integration. You can work effectively in a team distributed over many time zones, and are OK with virtual meetings outside normal work hours.

In return you get to work in a stimulating environment, working side-by-side with HP Labs researchers in Palo Alto. You can take advantage of on-site gym and cafeteria, and the opportunity to attend talks from a variety of areas of science and technology.

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