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C10k problem

The C10k problem is a limitation that most web servers currently have, which limits the web server to being able to handle a maximum of about ten thousand simultaneous connections. This limitation is due to a combination of operating system constraints and web server software limitations.

A few web servers have been developed to counter the C10K problem:

  • nginx, which relies on an event-driven (asynchronous) architecture, instead of threads, to handle requests (WordPress.com uses nginx to solve the C10K problem)
  • Lighttpd, which relies on an asynchronous architecture to handle requests
  • Cherokee, a lightweight web server
  • Tornado, a non-blocking web server and web application framework
  • Deft, asynchronous, non-blocking web server running on the JVM
  • Node.js, asynchronous, non-blocking web server running on Google's V8 JavaScript engine
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