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The OpenNI framework is an open source SDK used for the development of 3D sensing middleware libraries and applications. ⇒ Website will be closed on April 23rd 2014

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reacTIVision a toolkit for tangible multi-touch surfaces

Ludique's Kinect Bundle (LKB) : Use your Kinect camera to turn different surfaces to multitouch surfaces, send users skeleton joint positions as TUIO messages to other applications, use our new hand method to send position of hands and a simple “press” gesture as TUIO messages to your apps and calibrate 2 cameras to view the calibration in 3D or use a bigger setup for multitouch interfaces. We also included a TUIO multiplexer, screen calibrator and simple gesture gateway.

The TUIO protocol was initially designed within this project for encoding the state of tangible objects and multi-touch events from an interactive table surface.

Sur http://learning.codasign.com

Processing & OpenNI

OpenSoundControl (OSC)

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USB_Extender - Le problème avec les extenders et la Kinect vient peut être qu'ils ne supporte pas le mode “Isochronous USB data transfer”.

Différents modèles

As of 12/14/2013, there exist four different models of the Kinect:

  • The original Kinect-for-Xbox, released in November 2010, with model number 1414. Until version 2.8 of the Kinect package, this was the only supported Kinect model.
  • The new Kinect-for-Xbox, model number 1473. This was an upgrade to make the Kinect-for-Xbox compatible with the then-new Kinect-for-Windows. First supported in Kinect package version 2.8.
  • The Kinect-for-Windows, model number 1517. First supported in Kinect package version 2.8.
  • The Kinect 2.0, released together with the Xbox One in November 2013. Not yet supported by the Kinect package.

The main difference between models 1414 on the one hand, and models 1473 and 1517 on the other hand, is the arrangement of the Kinect's sub-devices (camera, microphone array, tilt motor, internal USB hub). In model 1414, the camera was the “main” device, and had the Kinect's serial number attached to it. In models 1473 and 1517, the serial number is now attached to the microphone device, and the camera device's serial number is bogus.


Bus 002 Device 008: ID 045e:02c2 Microsoft Corp. 
Bus 002 Device 009: ID 045e:02ad Microsoft Corp. Xbox NUI Audio
Bus 002 Device 011: ID 045e:02ae Microsoft Corp. Xbox NUI Camera
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