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UnDelete / UnFormat

J'ai effacé accidentellement des fichiers, formaté un disque …


Smart Recovery



Linux shell

Application console permettant de récupérer des fichiers en se basant sur leurs données de début (en-tête) et de fin pour réaliser des analyses « post mortem ».

J'ai essayé avec une CF (CompactFlash) qui a été formatée avec l'appareil photo, et c'est d'enfer, ça fonctionne nickel !

sudo ddrescue /dev/sdc1 ddrescue_image ddrescue_log
sudo foremost -t jpg -i ddrescue_image -o ./foremost.out/
# Attention aux droits d'accès foireux :
chmod a+r -R foremost.out/
chmod a+x foremost.out/jpg


Linux shell

Scalpel is a fast file carver that reads a database of header and footer definitions and extracts matching files from a set of image files or raw device files. It is similar to foremost and may have some improvements.

Magic Rescue

Linux shell

Another program that scans for files using “magic bytes” to identify their presence and type, and which can be extended for many file types using “recipes”, can be obtained by installing, using any method, the package magicrescue.

Note that most of the provided recipes need other software installed to work, so open the desired recipes in /usr/share/magicrescue/recipes/ using a text editor and read the comments contained.


Photorec is file data recovery software designed to recover lost pictures from digital camera memory or even Hard Disks. It has been extended to search also for non audio/video headers. It searches for 80 different types of files. Photorec is part of the Testdisk package.


This program is dedicated to identifying and recovering JPEG pictures. You can install the package recoverjpeg using any method, and then run (assuming /dev/sda1 is the partition you want to recover from)

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