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Funambol Community Edition

Funambol is the leading mobile open source project and leading provider of open source mobile cloud sync and push email for billions of phones. It is a certified implementation of the Open Mobile Alliance SyncML standards.

  • A data synchronization (DS) server that works on Linux and Windows
  • Mobile device clients
  • Email connector that supports POP and IMAP email systems
  • Administrator tool
  • Software development kits and interfaces
  • Documentation
  • Community projects, with support for Exchange, Domino and more

Community Edition implements the Open Mobile Alliance standard for Data Synchronization, version 1.2, formerly known as SyncML. This enables Community Edition to automatically synchronize data with mobile devices that have a SyncML client built-in, such as many Nokias, Motorolas and Sony Ericssons, without requiring software to be downloaded to the device.

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